More About Me

Your Arizona Real Estate Agent!

In 2009 I moved from Reno Nevada to Arizona! I'm a wife, mother, memaw (grandma), daughter, sister, aunt, but the greatest is a child of God! In 2005 I ventured into the real estate world by delving first into the mortgage industry by learning the process of financing. By 2010 I wanted to broaden my knowledge even further so I became a licensed Real Estate Agent in the greater Phoenix area! Coming into the market in an era of home foreclosures I chose to specialize in listing homes that were being short sold. Since I had experience in the mortgage and banking industry I was able to help homeowners lessen the burden with an option other than foreclosure. There is nothing greater than knowing that I was able to utilize my past experience to ensure that I was able to help these homeowners through one of the most difficult experiences of their lives with empathy and compassion. Let's get your home listed today!